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The Outdoor Recreation Act

This great law makes it possible for us to travel around, camp and experience outdoor life practically all over Norway. However, even if this law gives us a lot of rights, it also comes with duties. The landowners also have their rights and we must do our best to follow the guidelines. These are the most important ones, please read and follow them and enjoy Norway´s nature and rivers:

  • Do not park in private drive ins or other places where the car can cause problems for farmers and other users of the land.
  • Do not take short cuts across fenced land, farmyards or other private property.
  • Respect the interests of people who live and work in the countryside.
  • Pay the required fee for private roads and parkings.
  • Avoid disease to our salmon, dry or disinfect your boat and equipment before moving to a different river or lake.
  • Do not put up your tent less than 150m from occupied houses or huts.
  • Do not stay more than 2 nights at the same campspot.
  • Do not leave any garbage or toilet paper.
  • You may light a fire in the open country, but not in or near woodland from 15th April to 15th September.
  • Always contact the police if you lose your boat or take part in a rescue of your friends.
  • Consider contacting a local too. This way you avoid rescue operations being started without any reason.

Take nothing but photos, kill nothing but time, leave nothing but footprints – enjoy!


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